Hope For U. S. Veterans

Providing our Nations Veterans with a high standard of excellence and strong educational opportunities.

Hope for U. S. Veterans Enrollment!

Course Information
We have a number of courses that are approved for veterans

  • Our 6-month CNP Course

      • Includes training to earn Intro to Microsoft, COMPTIA A+, N+, S+, CCNA Certifications.
      • Includes management skills for the administrative aspects of serving as an IT Administrator.
      • Designed for extensive hands-on training.
      • For veterans interested in serving as an IT Administrator for a firm, a school, or other opportunities within an IT organization.

To enroll in the program there are 5 parts:

1) Copy front and back of Military ID
2) High School Diploma or College Transcript
3) Letter or Certificate of Eligibility (COE)
4) Read, sign and submit our Policies and Procedures Manual to be completed on first day of class.

All above 1-5 need to be emailed to info@hopeforusveterans.com or phil.johnson@hopeforusveterans.com


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"I first discovered this program browsing through the Internet for Veteran opportunities. As a recent Graduate with five years of military experience, I expected to get into the perfect career promptly after receiving a B.S. in Computer Science



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